Introducing 2445 Organics SuperGrow System

The Future Of Gardening Is Here!

*Harvest in little as 18 days (depending on crops)

Grow all your favorite plant products year round in the comfort of your own home. It’s easy to use, energy-efficient, and low maintenance.

Features all ingredients and primitive/toxin free soil system for best results and safer food products.

Growth rates as fast or faster and yields similar, or higher than, any system available including non-organic system.

Our systems make the joy of gardening accessible to everyone including the elderly, disabled or people with little time to spare.

2445 Organics SuperGrow System - Crops growing

The SuperGrow system requires very little, if any daily maintenance. After the initial time invested in planting your desired plant products it is simply a matter of watering when necessary. Depending on the temperature and humidity in its environment and the amount of the plants require for growth you may only need to water the system once every 3 to 7 days. After you harvest your chosen products you will need to compost your soil in compost bins. At that time you can purchase another batch of replacement soil. After this however, you will have all the soil you need for years of growing enjoyment composting and recycling the soil you have.

When you partner with us, we are more than happy to answer any questions about using and maintaining our system. Our experts will be available to offer advice on your chosen plant products or any questions with soil maintenance or system operation. Just click contact us or give us a call. We will give you all the advice and support you need to enjoy your system free of complication and frustration.

Growing Your Own Food Has Never Been Easier

Step 1

Order your home grow system

Step 2

Unbox and set up your home  grow system

2445 Organics - Grow organics produce indoors.

Step 3

Plant your seeds and water your rack.

Step 4

Harvest organic food in as little as 18 days from seed.*

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Our System Uses Terraponics, Not Hydroponics Or Aquaponics

SuperGrow System crops harvesting

Our indoor home grow rack system uses terraponics, not hydroponics or aquaponics to grow plants 25%-75% faster than supplier estimates.

There are some plants that you can’t grow hydroponically, but with terraponics almost any plant can be grown in this type of growing system.

Terraponics reduces the knowledge needed to start your own indoor garden. Hydroponics require more technical knowledge and training than soil cultivation.

All the other racks you will find online use hydroponics, ours isn’t hydroponic; it’s grown in the soil (terraponics), the only system of its kind with stacking trays.

Why Choose 2445 Organics ?

Make Your Home Sustainable

Eat fresh food all year long

2445 Organics is dedicated to making you and your family self-sustaining with healthy and nutritious produce grown in your home, year round. You’ve probably seen the bumper stickers that read “Buy Organic”.  All produce loses its nutritional value the longer the time is between picking and eating. Eating fresh cut produce is the healthiest way to ensure you are getting the full impact of nutrients in your produce. With our Home Grow unit, the seed to table journey happens in your home, under your supervision. You pick and eat on the same day. No greenhouse gases are emitted and no questions as to what happened to the produce along the way. There is no contamination occurring from the rack to your table.

Patented Grow System

2445 Organics uses proven, patented technology to move your outdoor garden indoors, and allows you to grow pounds of produce per month in your home, year round. The blending of patented technology with old-fashioned farming techniques allow you to grow your produce in primitive, virgin soil without chemical fertilizers or exposure to atmospheric pollution.

Why is 2445 Organics Different?

What sets us apart from other indoor grow systems?

The patented technology developed by our founders set the standard for indoor growing. Many have come up with alternative means to grow indoors, but none offer the advantages of our home grow system. Other systems, for example,trick the plant into believing it is in soil by adding different nutrients to a water bath. In addition, many popular food plants can’t be grown in these systems, meanwhile our system can grow most any plant. Our primitive soil system adds nutrient denseness to the plant needs while growing in the soil becoming available to humans upon consumption.

Recycle your soil

After harvesting your plants, the soil can be mixed with amendments
that will restore the balance in the soil, or composted and used again in 60 days. There is nothing for the indoor gardener to do except to monitor the water and plant growth.

More Than 10 Years In The Business

The 2445 Organics Home Grow System is designed by a farmer using his years of hard-won experience to produce a system that takes the uncertainty out of growing in soil. The grow rack blends modern farming techniques with old fashioned dirt farmer “Know-How” to produce a patented container based plant husbandry system using the best of both worlds to protect your plants and provide a near-perfect growing environment. Imagine your garden with no outdoor pests, no frost and no heat stress and growing year round in ANY climate.

2445 Organics Super Grow Rack, What You Need To Know

What will I receive?

If you purchase our rack system, it will include all items you need to get started and maintain your new home grow rack.

Local Sustainability

Grow food for your home, share with others, and sell to your local farmer’s co-op. Turn your SuperGrow system into a potential business opportunity.

How much does it cost to run?

In addition to the cost of your super grow rack and supplies, the average cost of electricity to run the rack varies between $10 – $28 per month.

Different from traditional gardening

Typically, organic grown foods grow 30 – 50% quicker than traditional gardening and you won’t have to battle the elements.

Featured Recipe

2445 Organics SuperGrow System - Grow Produce Indoors

Pesto Sauce

Coming Soon!

Organic Fun Fact

Less than 1% of all American crops are organic.

Based on the most recent data collected from Organic-World.Net, only .6% of American crops are organic and without genetic modification.

Why People Grow Their Own

For better tasting food 58%
To save money 54%
For the safety of their food 48%
To grow better quality food 51%

Nothing taste better than a fresh cut produce. Imagine growing your own organic lettuce in the heart of winter and eating fresh, crisp lettuce that you grew with very little effort. Our grow racks makes this possible and let’s your household grow food year round.