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Submitted by Katsitsionni Fox

Salmon River has begun organic indoor gardening at all three buildings. Title VI (formerly Title VII) purchased a system from 2445 Organics for the SRC Campus last year and recently purchased one for the St. Regis Mohawk School. We also have three other growing systems in the Middle School that were purchased with other funding that are managed by Mrs. Hutchins in a 12-1-1 room and by Mrs. Oakes in the Middle School Library.

So far this year the Mohawk Club, grade 1 and grade 4 have planted and cared for the plants in the growing system here at the SRC campus. They receive teachings from Katsitsionni Fox on the cultural significance of seeds and how it relates to our ceremonies. They also learned about what plants need to grow, about heirloom seeds and organic growing. We have planted lettuce, mixed greens, spinach, basil and cilantro. Teachers and students are always excited to watch as the seeds they plant grow.

The system has lights that are set on a timer and the teachers make sure their class waters the plants a few times a week. Within three weeks they have a crop they can harvest. The students enjoy a salad party with the organic food plants they have cared for. Last week at the Mohawk School the students in Miss Johnson, Mr. McDonald and Mrs. Well classes planted lettuce, which has already sprouted.

This spring we will be starting other vegetables including some Haudenosaunee Heirloom seeds which we will transfer to outdoor raised beds here at the SRC campus. We hope to spark interest in our youth to plant their own organic foods

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