Primitive Nutrient Dense Soil

2445 Organics SuperGrow racks are part of a patented indoor organic gardening system. Our primitive nutrient dense soil is not affected by acid rains, outdoor pollution, pesticides and seasonal changes.

Soil conservation, water conservation and consistent nutrient dense plants are available all year long with the 2445 Organics patented indoor gardening system.

Our organic soil & compost is alive with healthy organisms and worms that continually add nutritional value to the soil for the plants. In turn, the nutritional value becomes available to the humans upon consumption. After you harvest the plants in our SuperGrow racks, the tray of soil is put in a compost bin. The indoor compost bin creates a new batch of healthy clean soil for future plantings.

“Earthworms in general are tolerant to many chemical contaminants in soil including heavy metals and organic pollutants, and have been reported to bio-accumulate some of them in their tissue. Certain species of earthworms . . . have been found to remove heavy metals, pesticides and lipophilic organic micro-pollutants like poly aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) from the soil.”

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