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2445 Organics patented systems are created by founder Andy Maslin. Andy’s patented growing technology makes it possible to harvest lettuce, basil, herbs and other vegetables in 18 days.

The SuperGrow System

2445 Organics provides the entire system for busy individuals, families, and businesses with a small space to setup and maintain their own indoor garden with affordable, safe, nutrient dense and high quality organic herbs and vegetables.

Food for yourself, your family, your office or to resell is affordable and still able to provide nutrient dense, amazing crops within small indoor spaces.

2445 Organics SuperGrow System is designed for small or large home, office or business and very busy lifestyles.

Snip live herbs & veggies all year to make your green drinks, smoothies, salads and soups. The soil, 2445 Organics SuperGrow System and snipping seconds before you eat it makes your food more nutrient dense and safe.

Consuming fresh herbs and vegetables provides the highest nutritional value possible. It also a fun & creative outlet as you try growing new things and have fun experimenting with new plants and recipes.

It also caters to those with limited mobility from age or disability, because the 2445 Organics indoor garden is easy to setup and maintain in small spaces.

2445 Organics SuperGrow System is also being used for educational purposes.  It’s easier to demonstrate environment sustainability & health concepts with 2445 Organics SuperGrow system. 2445 Organics is proud to be a part of the green revolution.

Partner with 2445 Organics today and make your home living environment healthier and more alive with our SuperGrow system.

2445 Organics would like to give God the credit and glory for showing us how to develop the gift of organic growing to share with others for the health & wellness of ALL.


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